First Harvest Story

Hey everybody! A little bit about us: we started our “little store” in August 2016, with $1,500 from our savings account, just shipping clothes out from our living room. Matt said to me, “worst case scenario, you get a new closest.” We were online only and it grew so quickly, because of your support! We started our clothing line to represent our mission through clothes in May 2017. We’ve sold over a thousand of our line to the public and it has been a huge blessing to the organization that we give to! We opened our first store in December 2017, and have grown tremendously since then! We can only thank you all for believing in our vision and our mission to help women across this globe that are struggling with something to find the Love of Christ through Mercy! 

Matt and I have a heart for a Women's ministry called Mercy Multiplied and wanted to give a percentage of our proceeds to them. So we came up with First Harvest, because we will give the first of our harvest, 10% of all of our proceeds to this ministry. We are so excited for our clothes to be worn all over the globe and to help make a difference in peoples lives with your help! I am so thankful, beyond words for your support, and the amazing people that we have been blessed with in helping to make this dream of mine become a reality. 


I hope that our story can encourage you to take that leap and do what you’ve been wanting to do, go after the desires of your heart! 

Love y'all,


Kimmie, Matt