Woman of the Moment: Donnesha Robinson

As you all know, First Harvest Boutique gives 10% of any proceeds back to a woman's ministry called, Mercy Multiplied. With this being said, our company is very passionate about the issues of sexual abuse, rape, and sex trafficking and this week I have decided to highlight someone who shares these same passions. 

Donnesha Robinson is a student at Indiana University and we are both active members of The Letter Project, recently I got the wonderful opportunity of getting to learn a little more about her and what stood out to me was her inspiring passion toward the exact issue that we give back to at First Harvest Boutique.

I asked Donnesha where her passion for such an issue stemmed from, and she explained that growing up she noticed that a majority of her friends thought very negatively of themselves and they would tend to showcase a very low self-a-steam. This "broke my heart", Donnesha states, "I was raised to love myself for who I am which stems from my religion and the Bible, and eventually sparked my passion for woman confidence." She continued to explain that from this young adolescent age in her life she lived by her favorite quote... 

          "If you know your worth, no one can tell you your worthless."

Being a marketing student at the Kelly School of Business here at IU she loves her major but she expresses her desire to be able to somehow empower woman and feed off of this issue she feels so strongly about in her career post-college, which is where her grand idea was born. Donnesha explains how ideally she would love to open some sort of non-profit organization that would allow her to encourage people. Therefore, she continues to say "one thing that has been on my heart is opening a building where it would accept women who came victim to sexual assault and violence. Here they would be able to come in and be provided with the counseling and motivators that would allow them to grow emotionally and spiritually." She doesn't stop there though, she carries onto explain that "I want these woman to also be provided with the opportunity to learn practical business skills which will give them the information they need to do whatever they set their minds to in life." Being a Kelly student she is able to make so many connections and learn all of the feasible skills she needs to embark on her future endeavors, so why can't these women have that as well? 

Just recently she applied for an internship to work for a non-profit for women who have been in the sex trafficking arena and what they do is teach them, about the industry itself educating them allowing them to understand more about the life they were forced into and how much more life there is out there to live. The internship position Donnesha applied for is the social media and marketing sector of it which would not only fulfill her education side of things and play perfectly into what her major is all about, but it would also allow her to work hand-in-hand with the issue of sex trafficking and sexual abuse allowing her to empower the woman directly.

Donnesha's aspirations are inspiring and we need more people like her in the world who do things that they truly love and care about, taking action on something instead of having a thought and letting it just sit there. She wears the "V" on her back becuase "This is where my heart is at" she states, and nothing will get in her way of showcasing what she is so passionate about.

Until next week, 

Rachel xoxo 

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