Valentine's Day is Upon Us!

Ah yes everyone, it is sneaking up on us the holiday where you either are ecstatic or can't wait to be over is approaching us. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and trust me I know some years it can be a drag, but I am here to ensure that whether you are going on a romantic date with your significant other, having a movie night in with the girls, or having a pamper night for yourself, you will not only have some delightful Valentine's day activity ideas but you will also have the perfect outfits to go along with whatever you end up doing!

The first outfit is for those going on a romantic evening or day trip with that special someone. The denim dress is a classic and looks stunning on everyone with the cinched waist feature. Not only is it easy to slip on and dress up but it is also extremely comfortable allowing you to feel relaxed and completely yourself while on the date! Plus you can have fun with it and throw on any one of our gorgeous beaded necklaces to jazz it up a little. For this outfit, I suggest a fancy dinner at your favorite place or a brunch date followed up with (depending on the weather) a mid-day stroll in the park or city, whatever your little heart desires!

This next look is for all my girls who are spending this celebration of love with their best friends or their own wonderful selves! This has got to be the cutest themed graphic-t we've had yet at First Harvest and it is, of course, Valentines Day themed featuring the cutest "LOVE" design ever. Grab you and your friends matching ones to sport when you are sharing a tub of ice cream and a giant skillet cookie (if you have never tried a skillet cookie before I will have a recipe linked at the bottom of the page for you and your friends to try out, you won't regret it I promise) and of course accompanying all of this is some kind of amazing romantic movie, because why not am I right? Now if you are hanging with you and your independent self this V-Day then most definitely give yourself a pamper night: face-mask, bubble-bath (with candles),  read a book, paint your nails, eat some brownies, the whole nine-yards for sure. 



Regardless of how you decide to spend this Valentine's Day know that you are so loved and this is a day to celebrate that and to be thankful for those in your life who do provide you with that fulfilling word: love. 


AMAZING Skillet Cookie Recipe courtesy of 'Modern Honey'...

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