Can I wear white after Labor Day?

Who on earth made the rule that you cannot wear white after Labor Day, or in the fall? 

This is a long believed "rule" or to some people, "law" that is no longer taboo

White is stunning paired with a big fluffy fur coat and tall black boots in the winter. I've been seeing so much more white this year specifically in the fall, paired with fall colors, such as rust, mustard, navy and olive. 

Here are a few examples of implementing white into your fall wardrobe.

1) Take an adorable white crochet top, with big balloon sleeves. Pair with a camel colored fall boho hat. Pair with dark denim and brown booties. 

2) Add just a pop of white. This sweater is a good example. It is a mixture of trendy pastel colors, and has the pop of white at the very top. Pair this with some high waisted denim and pair of grey studded mules. 

3) Reach for the lighter colored sherpas. I typically see dark grey, black and brown as the most popular sherpa colors. Choose a lighter one to brighten your face this fall and winter. This one is a great example, as it is primarily whit with a touch of grey at the top. 


Hope these helped you! I think an opportunity to put together some stunning fall outfits with pops of white is out there but being way under utilized.

Kimmie Bridges

Owner and Founder, First Harvest and Milk + Honey Collection

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