Trend Alert: Burgundy, Burgundy, and More Burgundy!

Hey First Harvest Babes,

It's safe to say that Burgundy is the staple color of this fall, and we are starting to see it everywhere. The eye catching dark purple and red under tones make for the most perfect pop of color for any piece of clothing, and with any outfit. Today I am going to be showing you three trendy fall outfits that showcase this gorgeous color and are perfect for any autumn day.

The first outfit was invented for your everyday college student. Throw our cozy burgundy cardigan over any simple top, graphic-t, or First Harvest long sleeve and you have instantly increased the cute-factor of your entire outfit. Not only is this an adorable staple to have in your wardrobe but it will also keep you warm, as it is practically a wearable blanket. So grab your coffee and toss on this cozy cardigan, because I can assure you it will make walking to your 9am class through the brisk morning breeze a lot more enjoyable.


The second outfit brings two of the hottest fall trends together making for a very stylish and unique look. Time-traveling back to the 90's, the denim-on-denim trend is taking the fashion world by storm all over again and we are loving it. I mean if Rachel Green from Friends can pull it off then we can too right? Grab your favorite pair of jeans, our new First Harvest denim button up shirt, and of course we can't forget the star of the show, our original First Harvest baseball cap in, you guessed it, burgundy! The classic blue denim, and the dark vampy burgundy compliment eachother beautifully guaranteeing you multiple questions about where you got your impeccable style choices, but don't worry we'll let you take the credit for this one.


 On the lookout for a perfect outfit for Thanksgiving this year? We have got you covered. Grab our new First Harvest Jeggings in Burgundy that are fitting and have a gorgeous criss-cross style on the waistband that not only is flattering but has a little give for when you go up for seconds, thirds, fourths...who's really counting because i'm not. We paired these gorgeous jeggings with our new First Harvest Sherpa which will be the coziest sweater you will ever wear... guarenteed. With it's neutral cream color it goes perfectly with any outfit and is especially suited for lounging around in a food coma after that second slice of pumpkin pie. 

Make sure to tag @firstharvestboutique with any pictures of you trying out any of these outfits or showcasing your favorite fall trends!

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