The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Summer vacation is upon us and I could not be more thrilled!! Of course, the first thing I think to do before anything else is to make a bucket list for this wonderful sunn time of year! So I decided to share it with you all so you can check these fun activities off of your summer bucket list with me! I have found that creating things like this motivate me to get up and do more throughout the summer, don't get me wrong simply relaxing and laying out in the sun all day is definitely a must-do but it is also important to spend it trying new things and being spontaneous!

Summer Bucket List 2018

  1. Make a homemade acai bowl -- delicious AND nutritious!!   
  2. Go on a weekend road trip to someplace new! 
  3. Start a new book
  4. Spend the day at the beach, reading the new book (two in one!) 
  5. Attend an outdoor concert -- lawn seats are cheaper and so much more fun!) 
  6. Go shopping at an outdoor mall!
  7. Have a picnic -- check out one of my latest blogs for the PERFECT picnic date
  8. Play beach volleyball with a group of strangers!
  9. Go to a drive-in movie -- oh-so-vintage!
  10. Plant some flowers and grow some vegetables in your yard! -- you can't beat fresh ingredients
  11. Watch an afternoon summer storm -- the perfect time to enjoy your favorite movie 
  12. Get up early and workout! -- check out my last blog for a killer ab routine!
  13. go camping with friends -- enjoying the outdoors is the number one thing on my bucket list every summer 
  14. Explore a national park -- wherever you may live there are always gorgeous areas just blossoming with nature, exploring those is a must this summer!
  15. Go to a lakehouse, whether it be yours or your friends, they are the ultimate weekend getaway
  16. Watch the movie Soul Surfer (mostly because it's my favorite movie ever and I would 100% be a professional surfer in Hawaii if I could be-- fun facts of the day) 
  17. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee! -- I have a coffee addiction
  18. Create a new playlist for the summer 
  19. Take a nap outside, enjoy the fresh air!
  20. Have a late-night picnic under the stars
  21. Wake up to watch the sunrise 
  22. ...and of course, watch the sunset 
  23. Say yes to a spontaneous adventure that comes your way. 
  24. Get a new haircut/style
  25. Change up your look and style choices!
  26. Travel as much as you can 
  27. Last but not least, simply enjoy the company of those who make you happy :) 

That's all for today loves! Make sure to post on your Instagram story of you taking part in any of these bucket list items and tag @firstharvestboutique so we can see how much fun your summer is!! 

Until next time, Rachel xoxo


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