The Perfect Picnic

Good Afternoon loves! 

I'm sorry I am a day late, it's finals week here at Indiana University and studying is pretty much the only thing on everyone's minds. Now that I am about three essays in and two exams over with, I decided to take a little break on this fine Thursday afternoon and spend it with my boyfriend! It's 60 degrees and sunny in Bloomington today so I wanted to do something different for the day! After pondering for a little while we decided, why not have a classic picnic! The classic picnic is so underrated and they should totally make a comeback this spring and summer so in order to do that I am going to paint you the perfect picture of an afternoon picnic date that you can have with your girlfriends, significant other, family anyone who wants to get outside and enjoy the fresh, some delicious food, and each others company! 

To begin, of course you need to pack some delicious picnic-worthy food and this is something that is totally preference based but here is some food for thought on what to bring... haha... get it :) 

  • PB&J or Sub Sandwich's 
  • a TON of fruit 
  • veggie's and dip 
  • fresh lemonade (one of my personal favs) 
  • chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate chip cookies (a little treat because why not)
  • and big water bottles because you have to stay hydrated in the summer heat!

Now that you have all of the food picked out and thrown into a picnic basket of your choice, you have to have something to sit on! This is where our first harvest blankets and towels come into play. Not only are they adorable but they are versatile and would make the perfect picnic blanket. Bring along some comfy pillows and an extra blanket just in case you have a big group of friends joining you! 

Lastly, is for the outfit the most important part, other than the food ;) It's best to keep things cute and comfy because you don't want to have to worry about being uncomfortable while enjoying this fun little lunch date extravaganza! So, with this being said, the first option would be a pair of denim cut-off shorts, and our happy, sunshine-yellow, lace-up detailed sweater. This is perfect for those chillier spring and summer days where you need a little something to throw on, that also is adorable! Pair it with a colorful beaded necklace, this one is turquoise and compliments the bright yellow beautifully!


The second outfit idea is for those hotter picnic days, the flowy and lightweight material of the blouse is airy and is stunning with a fun floral and striped pattern. Pair this top with the same denim-cutoffs and you have yourself and flirty and fun lunch date outfit made to enjoy the outdoors and some wonderful food! 

Picnics are such a fun and refreshing way to enjoy lunch and the outdoors making them the perfect summertime activity. Give it a shot and send your pics on over to Instagram, make sure to tag us so we can see how you enjoy a picnic lunch date!

Until next time, 

Rachel xoxo 

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