The Original First Harvest Line

Hey First Harvest babes!

Today is the day! The original First Harvest Boutique clothing line has launched and we could not be more excited. Not only is our line practical and comfy for everyday wear, but it is unique and stylish showcasing our "V" logo on each piece of clothing. The "V" logo isn't just a symbol but it is a representation of women all around the world who are dealing with the aftermath of abuse, addictions, sex trafficking and so much more. Simply by wearing this clothing line you are directly impacting the lives of those woman for the better spreading awareness and shedding a light on such a detrimental issue. The First Harvest Long Sleeves launched just days ago and they could not be more suitable for your everyday college student. These trendy and vibrant long sleeves come in an array of colors for all different preferences. You would think because it's a simple long sleeve-t that there isn't much variety in regards to the way you style it, but luckily that is not the case at all! If you are going for a preppy chic style then purchase a long sleeve that is true to your size, therefore, making it more fitted and pairing perfectly with jeans and one of our pairs of stylish booties. Not only are they perfect for the preppy lifestyle but grab a pair of leggings, tennis shoes, and an original first harvest baseball cap and you have achieved a sporty look that everyone will obsess over. Last but not least, is the lazy girl college look, which is my personal favorite. Grab an oversized First Harvest long sleeve that is a couple size's up from what you would typically wear, a pair of denim cut-off shorts, leggings, or jeans, and a comfy pair of slip-on shoes and you have achieved the easiest, yet cutest lazy girl outfit ever. 

This new line provides women of all ages adorable clothing while also allowing them to directly impact an issue that hits close to home for thousands of women all around the world. 

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