The First Harvest Grungie: A Story of Grace and Love

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The First Harvest Grungie: A Story of Grace and Love

If you know me well, you know I have a deep appreciation for art.  That is one of the reasons the First Harvest Grungie is among my favorite pieces to have on hand.  

I see them differently than other fashion staples. 

Ahead of their time? Maybe. 

Perfect for all occasions? Possibly.

You’ll typically find one stashed in my backpack while traveling, or completing an ensemble while out and about.  They are also one of my favorite gifts to give.

It’s not so much about the beautiful colors that emerge during the process, or maybe it is.

The true meaning of my love for the Grungie is found in the process.

As it mirrors the same process that God shows us His grace and love.

Have you ever donated clothing? Tossed an old white tee in the trash, because it wasn’t “good enough”?  Maybe it had a hole? A stain perhaps? 

You see, each First Harvest Grungie starts in that way.  Someone threw it out, or deemed it Unwearable, by social standards.

I believe we can all feel this way at times.  Too many holes, and too many stains to be socially acceptable, or deemed worthy. 

Someone on the First Harvest Team is out there, searching for that tattered flannel, knowing that once they find it, it will be given a new life.

Does it have a stain? You bet!

Does it look like it has been through a season of trials? Filled with distressing, holes, and missing buttons? Even Better!

The Grungie artists at First Harvest know that showing an old tattered flannel a little grace, and love will breathe new life into it.  The process of creating a Grungie is similar to how God’s grace and love can breathe new life into us. The process, in fact, even softens the very fibers of the flannel making them more cozy and ready to share their renewed life with family and friends.

If you feel like that old white tee that’s been tossed aside, God is searching for you.

Allow Him to breathe fresh life into you.

That is a true Valentine’s Day story of Grace and Love.


 Brandie Price

Friend of First Harvest

Friend of Mercy Multiplied

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  • MariaElena Fratangeli

    Love this blog Definitely needed this today thank you so much for sharing this definitely gave me some hope

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