The FHB Travel Diaries: What to Pack in Your Carry On

Good afternoon from Belfast, Ireland! Or as I should say, good evening my time. This week I am starting a new series of blogs called "The FHB Travel Diaries" as I am traveling Europe these next few weeks, and Kimmie and Matt have made their way across the country to LA, I figured this would be a fun little series to showcase all the adventure that FHB goes on! 

While Kimmie and Matt are in LA finding you all some AMAZING new arrivals, I am with my family making my way back to my roots starting in Northern Ireland where my whole dad's side of the family lives, then Amsterdam where I spent my entire childhood, and finally making a pit stop in Paris because, well, it's Paris. I used to travel around all of the time back and forth between Europe and the states all throughout my childhood so when it came to packing I thought I had this in the bag, and boy was I wrong! Choosing the right clothes and shoes to bring is one of the hardest decisions, and so is deciding what to bring on your carry on bag. So, after a lot of picking and choosing, I have narrowed down the ultimate travel necessities for your carry-on bag!

Necessity Number One: SNACKS

There are only so many airplane nuts and pretzels I can eat in one trip, so make sure you have some of your favorite snacks you can just grab a handful of and eat when you please! My personal favorites are almonds and some kind of sunflower seed bites. SO yummy, and keep me sustained until I can get some real food on the ground rather than in the air. 

Necessity Number Two:  Bag for SKINCARE and touch-up products

This may be one of the most important things to have with you is a bag that holds crucial skin care products. I personally always have makeup wipes, a moisturizer, and my eye cream with me because it is my fav. In addition to the skincare, I ten to carry makeup touch-up items for when I get off the plane Not much, but having a concealer, powder, bronzer, and mascara with you can freshen anyone up in no time! 

Necessity Number Three: A Good Book 

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but having a good book is one of the best ways to help the time fly by on the plane. 

Necessity Number Four: Hand Lotion 

This may seem silly but oh boy are you gonna want this one! The high altitude tends to really dehydrate skin so having a moisturizer for not only your face, but your hands as well are very important. Hands tend to show the first signs of aging, so let's combat that as much as possible!  

Necessity Number Five: Headphones!!

If there is one thing that will truly make the time 'fly' on the plane... haha how punny... it is too watch your favorite tv show, movie or listen to your favorite music. The headphones come in handy because although this may be your favorite thing to watch or listen to, it might not be other people's so bringing headphones makes sure we don't disturb or disrespect anyone!

Necessity Number Six: Laptop!!

Pre-download some of your favorite shows and movies to watch on the flight and you will be all set to go!

Necessity Number Seven: A Comfy Sweater/Cardigan

Dressing for the plane can be tricky because typically they are kept on the cooler side but with so many people in one area, it is easy to get hot. That's why the best thing to wear to the airport is a pair of soft flowy shorts, a simple soft top or tank, and a big chunky cardigan to throw on over top! not only is it adorable but it can act as a blanket as well if you try t get some sleep whilst on the flight. 

Necessity Number Eight: Optional butttt... a Polaroid!!

This one is not really a necessity but you are going to thank yourself when you look back at the super cute polaroids you took from your trip ;) 

That's all for today loves, look out for next week's blog when I am on the plane yet another time! Amsterdam is the next stop :) 

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