The Dynamic Duo: Jeans and Leggings, aka Jeggings.

Hey First Harvest babes!

Okay so today I present you with a confession that I am sure all of us can relate to.

I hate wearing jeans...yeah, I said it.

You can't move around comfortably and get a long with your daily routine as well as you could just throwing on a pair of comfy leggings, but there is a solution.


Jeggings are the perfect combination that feature the put-together look of a pair of jeans, and the comfort level of a pair of leggings. This genius combo will change your fashion lifestyle forever, and here at First Harvest not only are our jeggings comfy but they come in the most festive colors for this time of year. These jeggings are so versatile allowing them suit practically every possible occasion. Here I am going to show you two different outfits, for two different scenarios. 

The first outfit is perfect for those productive days where you are running from class, to meetings, to the grocery store and all of the above. Comfort is the number one priority for these kinds of days but who says style can't be too? This new long sleeve gray top, with a unique criss-cross open back, adds just the right amount of interest to this simple outfit. The top is complimented by the ever-so-flattering, and versatile First Harvest black jeggings. Complete this sporty chic look with a First Harvest original baseball cap and your go-to sneakers and you'll be ready to take on all of the items on your to-do list for your productive day. 


The second outfit takes the same pair of simple black jeggings and dresses them up to suit any last minute dinner plans, or to wear on a fun day out with the girls. Start off with your staple black jeggings and throw on our new fall sweater in the most stunning of vampy wine colors. This pop of color instantly ups the wow factor of this outfit especially when you finish it off with one of our beaded necklaces and gorgeous booties. You will be sure to gain the attention of whoever you are with when wearing this eye-catching outfit that, little do they know, is just as comfy as wearing a pair of leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. 

Jeggings are the trendy girls secret to an adorable outfit that includes the ultimate comfort level. I know it's a hefty statement to make but the jeans and leggings combo just might be the greatest dynamic duo of all time.

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