Outfits PERFECT for Winter Sorority Recruitment

Hey First Harvest babes!

It's recruitment season here at Indiana University and it's practically all we are talking about right now! One of the main topics of conversation of course revolves are the simple question, what the heck do we where?!

As silly as it sounds, figuring out what outfits to wear for each round of recruitment is one of the most difficult parts because you want to stand out amongst the other thousand or so girls who are going through the process with you. Now that Claire and I have both gone through the recruitment process we have a little insight as to a couple outfits that would be perfect for recruitment! Since Indiana University's recruitment is in the winter these outfits will be more suited to the coldest weather of all time... :) 

The first outfit is more suited towards the second round of recruitment, AKA the Philanthropy Round. It is more casual yet put together dressed as if you are going to dinner with your significant other's family or on a cute dinner date. This flowy top is a flattering, yet conservative with its angel like sleeves and brick red color you will be sure to stand out! Pairing it with a simple pair of black or dark wash denim will dress down the look enough without making it seem too relaxed or too dressy. Throw on your favorite pair of booties, either brown, suede or black would look effortlessly stunning pulling together the entire outfit. All that you have to do now is blow them away with your bubbly and kind personality! 

This next outfit is suited more for sisterhood round, aka "business casual" attire is a very put together yet trendy outfit perfect for this particular round. Denim is a trend that will never get old, and this soft denim dress is classic, as well as, flattering due to the tie that cinches the waist. Add a unique statement necklace that will automatically be a perfect conversation starter throughout each round. Finish the outfit off with a pair of black booties and you have yourself the PERFECT sisterhood round outfit.

Lastly, when going through recruitment one of the most important things to make sure you do, especially for recruitment in the winter, is pack the right things in your purse. Here is a list of my essentials for recruitment:


2. Granola Bars, popcorn, any easy snack you can eat on the go.

3. Makeup Touch-Ups

4. Gloves

5. Hand AND Feet warmers

5. Extra pair of socks

6. Gum or mints

7. A Map of where the houses are if you are directionally dysfunctional like yours truly

8. and of course a big smile and your own personal unique traits that make you who you are... cheesy but so very necessary :)

For all the women going through recruitment, I know it is a long drawn out process but I can say first hand that it is ALL worth it.  :) 

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