It's Road Trip SZN!

One of my absolute favorite things about the spring and summer are road trips: listening to music as loud as your speakers can handle, letting the breeze run through the car with all the windows down, your favorite snacks, and of course our favorite people to top it all off. Being in the car on my way to Florida as we speak, I felt the need to provide my First Harvest loves with some of my road trip essentials!

1. A GOOD Playlist 

Music is what defines a road trip, so with that being said get together with your friends, or whoever is joining you on your road trip adventure, and create the most chill and fun playlist EVER!

2. Bring an easy read!

Books help the time fly like no other so bring your favorite book, or for those who get headaches from reading in the car bring one that has multiple short stories or poems like 'The sun and her flowers' by Rupi Kaur! (a personal favorite of mine)

3. A Water Bottle

Kind of an obvious one, but H2O is the way to go!

4. Something to throw on if you get cold, aka a First Harvest Grungee!

 When road tripping it is important to wear something versatile for when you get hot and cold, especially if you are driving somewhere with a different climate then where you began your journey! Throw the First Harvest Grungee over a t-shirt or tank for when it gets a little chillier!

5. Easy and Filling Snacks!

Snacking and road trips go hand-in-hand, and because I eat an absurd amount of snacks while I am on a road trip I like to make sure they are on the healthier side and will keep me going for the long trip ahead! Some of my favorites are almonds, popcorn (kettle corn to be exact), apples and peanut butter, granola bars, and carrots and hummus. :) 

6. Super COOL Shades

Sunglasses just make everything more fun especially when they are hectagon shaped and blue :) Have fun with it grab a pair that is a crazy shape or color to change things up a bit!

7. Your Favorite Travel Buddies 

These are just some of my personal favs :) 

That's all for this week loves, now back to our 17-hour trip down to Florida, quite the hike... I know but with these tips, the time will fly by like no other! 

- Rachel xoxo

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