Its Little Five Week Here at Indiana University!!

Happy Little Five Everybody!

It's the biggest week of the year here at Indiana University and being a first-year student, I am unbelievably excited to experience all that Little Five entails! To be completely honest with you, I had absolutely no idea what the Little 500 race actually was when I first came here, I for some reason convinced myself it was a race car race but I was a little off, to say the least. So with this being said, just in case for those who don't know what it is, like me, the little 500 race is a bike race that originated back in the 1950s by a man named Howdy Wilcox Jr. who at the time was the Executive Director of the Indiana University Foundation. He created the event as a model after the Indianapolis 500 race that his father had won years back as a contribution to him. It consists of 33 teams of four bikers who complete a series of 100 laps (for the women's race) as the whole university as well as visitors from all around the country, and even the world cheer them on! This is one of the biggest sporting events in the United States and has turned into an entire week of social events for all the students at Indiana University. With this being said, having fun and trendy outfits for the week and the race is SO important and when I say we have the most PERFECT Little Five outfit ever, I mean it. 

Here she is! This STUNNING navy blue and white "race" inspired romper is the ultimate outfit! The checkered pattern creates the perfect race-inspired look, the tie front is trendy and adds a girly touch to an edgier piece. The weather isn't looking too promising so for an edgier look toss on a leather jacket, and a pair of back booties or combat boots to create an edgier vibe. If that isn't really your style, throw a distressed denim jacket and some adorable white sneakers and you have created the perfect girly Little Five outfit that everyone will be in love with! 

If you will be at Little Five Enjoy, stay safe, and have an absolute blast!! It only comes once a year!!

- Rachel xoxo 

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