How to Organize Your Pinterest!

Hi First Harvest babes!

This week I wanted to discuss Pinterest because I believe it is one of the most underrated apps out there! I am currently obsessed with Pinterest because it helps me feel so inspired in all aspects of life. Whether that be fashion, food, or travel. At First Harvest, we have organized boards for every item we sell. So, it makes it easy for you to find what you're looking for.


And as an added bonus, we offer a special discount code for those who follow! Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to start but I have created a small list of tips so you can start.

1. Find what inspires you: for me, I love to travel. So I may search for specific locations and create a board based off of that location.

2. Be Specific: when I'm specific in creating my boards, it is easier to stay organized. **tip: you can set your boards to be in alphabetical order (so you can be extra organized)

3. Make subcategories: if you have a board called holidays, break that down to Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and so on.

4. Choose aesthetically pleasing covers for your boards: choose a perfect image that flows with what you're trying to show off in each board.

Good luck! Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you kickstart your Pinterest account. Don't forget to follow our Pinterest at ( for a special discount code!!

- FIRST HARVEST #lookgoodgiving

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