How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Hi First Harvest Babes!

Hope y'all are having an amazing week. For this week's blog, we are talking all about social media. More specifically, we are talking about Instagram. It can be difficult to grow your audience when you are starting from the bottom. I have compiled a small list of things you can do to grow your Instagram following!

If you are starting an online business or are wanting to start out as some form of "influencer" you should create content that is original and will grab your audience's attention. Using hashtags helps as well. When people click on a specific hashtag you used in a post, your content will appear, which will increase the chances of gaining followers.

Choosing when to post your pictures is important too. Try to not post important content during the middle of the night or the middle of the day during a weekday. The engagement isn't as high and it will decrease your chances of getting likes and followers. There are various graphs on Google showing when the best time to post is during the week. This will vary depending on your demographics. Staying consistent is important too! Only posting once a month will decrease your impressions and will slow your growth.

Take advantage of the bio. If you are running a business, provide enough insight to new audience members. So they know exactly what your business is about. Instagram provides the ability to add a website link within the bio, use that to your advantage!

Keeping your followers in the loop is vital to an engaged follower base. Utilizing the "Story" feature is an easy way to connect with your followers in any regard. Whether that be talking about a collaboration, taking a poll, posting a funny video or picture, and so on. If you want to take it to the next level you can do live videos, where your followers can comment and you can talk to them in real-time. 

At First Harvest, we post pictures ranging from new arrivals, giveaways, upcoming events, inspirational quotes, and lots more! We provide a behind-the-scenes experience with our Instagram followers!

There are so many aspects to Instagram and they are constantly evolving. It is important to utilize every one of them to provide the full experience for your followers and to maintain growth for the future.

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