How to check if a pair of jeans will fit without trying them on!

Don't like trying on jeans? Don't have time? Does it make you hot and sweaty and exhausted? (just me?)

Here's a quick tip about denim that will help you find a pair of jeans that should fit you perfectly. Of course we always recommend trying on a pair of jeans for the fit in the legs, but as far as waist size goes this tip should do the trick!

Find a pair of jeans that you love, maybe your favorite pair of jeans in your favorite brand. Take the two ends of the denim, and put it behind your neck. Pull the two edges around to the front of your neck. (see photo for visual).

If the two edges overlap, the jeans will be too big for you! Size down and repeat this process.

If the two edges do not come close to touching or you really have to pull them to touch, they will be too tight! Size up and repeat this process. 

If the two edges touch perfectly, without having to pull too much and they do not overlap, they should fit perfectly! That's your size, try them on to make sure the legs and length fit! 

This should save you a ton of time in the long run, since no denim brands ever run the same, unfortunately. So long are the days that you take 4 pairs of jeans in different sizes into the dressing room to see which one fits, this trick should help you narrow down to the one that is likely to fit the best!


Let us know if it works for you! 



- Kimmie Bridges

Owner, First Harvest and Milk + Honey Collection


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