Get Thanksgiving Ready (A First Harvest LookBook)

Hello beautiful ones!

With the Holiday season upon us, I thought it would be appropriate to give honor where honor is due to one of my favorite holidays! I know I have gushed about Thanksgiving, but I really am obsessed with it for two reasons. 1.) Family, of course. and 2.) FOOD! (I cannot lie, I really love my food..) 

I never have associated Thanksgiving before with fashion; but as I was pondering on this glorious holiday, I thought to myself why not? Why not, have another excuse to look cute AND feel comfy AND look good in your either loved or hated family photos. (If your family is anything like mine, we love our photos...)

So, I pulled a few options and did the hard work for you! You can thank me later. Each of these, are comfy and cute approved, by me!

Option 1:


I feel like for fall in general, you can never go wrong with a flannel. This oversized, Red and Checkered Flannel fits all the requirements: baggy enough to hide any "food baby" and slouchy in all the right ways! Also, not pictured is an adorable hood. This is a top I would easily throw on with jeans and cute booties or tennis shoes, a beanie and call it a day!


Option 2:



If you haven't seen or heard, Waffle is all the rage. I understand why; it's one of the comfiest materials ever!! This top is perfect if you want to be stylish but not trade comfort for fashion. The layered look is one of my personal favs and definitely gives this top a more feminine touch! Throw on a long necklace, as pictured, and you are good to go. 


Option: 3



I don't think overalls will ever go out of style. These Black, Skinny and Distressed Overalls are probably some of the most adorable overalls I have ever worn! I love overalls because they are great for throwing on with a cute basic top or a off the shoulder top, as pictured. When I tried these on, I legitimately did not want to take them off; that's how much I love them. And I probably need to add them to my closet soon...


Options 4:


I didn't think a more perfect, basic dress existed until I saw this in our store. I wholeheartedly believe, any woman, and body shape would looks stunning in this dress. This is the perfect option if you want to dress up a bit more this Thanksgiving! And I wanted to highlight the versatility of this little number. Tying in the front gives you an adorable wrap dress, while tying in the back gives you a more A-line but just as gorgeous look! It's all up to you and what you want to accentuate! 

(If any of these lovely items caught your attention, they are all online or in store!)

Remember, you are beautiful, always! 

Thankful and ready to chow down on some pie,


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