Get BIKINI Ready!!

It is currently 83 degrees here in Bloomington and hitting the pool (or beach if there was one near me) would be the first thing on my list right now... but instead, I am swamped with a ton of finals studying and essay writing. So instead I am going to dream about the days to come where there are no worries in the world other than if I am going to get too burnt, or not, in the sun. The best way to prepare for the summer sun is to stock up on new summer clothes and of course, SWIMSUITS! 

First Harvest just launched our first line of swimsuits and I don't think I have ever been more excited about a new item ever!! So, for today's blog I am going to be introducing you all to the new daring bikinis that just hit the shelves of First Harvest, and of course in order to get bikini ready I am going to feature a quick go-to healthy breakfast idea, as well as, my favorite ab routine right now inspired by @rocamoon on Instagram! 

I am going to start by giving you all an idea for an easy on-the-go healthy breakfast to start your day off right!

ACAI BOWLS.... in a cup!!

Acai/Smoothie Base: 

You heard me, this is the best on-the-go breakfast out there

start with frozen acai you can buy at the grocery store, or any frozen berries if you don't like acai.

I add orange juice, or water so it will mix up easier

Optional but recommended: a spoonful of chia seeds, a handful of spinach

Toppings: ( this all depends on preference, but these are some of my personal favorites)

- coconut shavings

- cacao nibs 

- banana 

- blueberries

- strawberries 

- chia seeds

- peanut butter scoop or drizzle

Throw on any of these toppings and if you have the time you can make it look all pretty in the bowl (a.k.a my all-time fav thing to do) OR if you are in a rush toss it in a flask that keeps things cold for a while and mix it all up, it will taste just as good I promise! 

If you haven't seen my earlier log about overnight oats, this is also one of my favorite go-to breakfast recipes!

Now onto the quick ab routine that will take you about 20 minutes!!


1-minute plank 

15 toe-touches with 10 lb weight (lay on back with legs in the air, hold the weight with your arms parallel to your face, and crunch up touching the weight to your toes)

12 jackhammers on each side, with or without weight 

15 leg dips holding the weight above body parallel to your face

15 knee crunches golding weight the same way. 


Now for the whole reason we are here!! THE BIKINIS!!

The lemon drop bikini and the caramel knot top bikini are absolutely darling and are the perfect bikinis for this summer! The lemon drop set can be paired with the caramel knot top to add some variety in color/pattern, or worn with its partner, the stunning lemon drop top!! Grab 'em before they are sold out because let me tell ya, they will go fast! You will feel confident and gorgeous in these new pieces and if you do get your hands on them, be sure to post a pic and tag us @firstharvestboutique!!! 

Until next time, 

Rachel xoxo


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