Fashion Trend Alert: BELTS BELTS BELTS

Hey First Harvest Friends, 

I haven't written a good old fashion blog about our favorite trend or accessory for you all in quite some time, until today. Belts are absolutely killing the fashion world right now and we can't get enough of them, they are a newer addition to our store and I can't even express the reactions Claire and I had when we saw that belts were apart of the last couple of photo shoots. They are one of the easiest ways to spice up ANY outfit. There are endless styles and colors and here at First Harvest, we have some of the most fun and funky colors and patterns you can find! 

One of my personal favorites is our leopard and turquoise embellished western inspired belt. This makes a statement on its own so it is super easy to pair with any simple top, dress, cardigan, you name it! Here we decided to cinch the waist with the belt which makes an outfit 10x more flattering than it was prior. This new open knit cardigan lays effortlessly underneath the belt with a simple pair of jeans and black booties. This look goes from casual and comfy, to vibrant and fashion-forward simply by adding this standout piece. The silver hardware compliments the turquoise and leopard patterns beautifully making it a true one-of-a-kind accessory. I know it seems a little ahead of time but music-festival season is just around the corner and this belt would be the PERFECT addition to any dress or adorable outfit you decide to put-together. 

 Add a pastel pop of color while still keep things on the simpler side with a thin leather belt that comes in the most darling of colors. This first one showcased here is a happy light blue that features little white flowers all over the belt. Just looking at this belt will make you excited for the spring months to come and the warm weather that is just a couple of months away. The other belt is a gorgeous pumpkin orange color that is perfect for any time of year but more specifically the fall. Either one of these belts can be paired with any neutral or simple top or dress and are so versatile. You can wear them around your waist to enhance your waistline in a relaxed, flowy dress that wouldn't do so otherwise, or around your hips like you would a normal belt. Whichever way you chose to wear these fun and flirty belts, they will increase the cute factor of your entire outfit effortlessly. 


Overall, Belts are the go-to accessory right now and we can't get enough of them, they liven up any outfit especially when they are fun colors and patterns like the ones we have here!

The goal of the week, go out of your comfort zone and wear a crazy color or patterned, (or both) belt with one of your outfits this week, have fun with it, why not!

Catch you all next Wednesday, enjoy the rest of your week! :) 


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