Fall Beauty Tips

Hello beauties!

I wanted to share a couple of quick and easy beauty life hacks I have loved for the fall! Fall is my favorite season hands down. For fall, I love to spice things up with my makeup. I get so much inspiration from the changing leaves to the specialty drinks at Starbucks.

Whether it's a bolder lip color, or brown smokey eye, fall is the time to experiment. I love the self expression that makeup provides. Here are 3 easy beauty hacks that I use on a weekly to basis to change up my everyday look. Each of these tips I paired with a piece from our FH fall/winter collection that I'm obsessed with that I felt complimented the overall effortless fall look. Enjoy!

Tip 1: Bronzer

I don't know why, but I have fallen (no pun intended) in love with the contoured look lately. One of my favorite parts of my face are my cheek bones so I love to accentuate that with some chocolatey bronzer. If you are a blush girl and are afraid to take the leap into a more chiseled look, don't fear! I have found a perfect remedy is finding a bronzer with some sparkle that creates a more highlighted/ dewy effect which I LOVE.

The First Harvest top that I can totally picture with a more defined and contoured face is our Waffle Balloon Sleeved Blouse.  The flowy style of this top really gives a great contrast to a more defined face. I love the fall colors in this adorable statement piece. Because it's a best seller, we have a limited amount left so snatch it up asap!


Tip 2: Fall Eye shadow

Nothing screams fall more to me than a bold smokey eye! If I'm still wanting a more natural look, I will just add a few dark, brown or red shadows to my crease and blend it out well. This adds so much dimension. I've fallen in love with the vibrant palettes with the reds, oranges, and purples and it's such a fun challenge to incorporate them into a more wearable look!

One of the best inspiration for my fall looks has been my First Harvest Large Fringed Scarf! 
Besides being the coziest scarf I own, this pattern would be gorgeous to pair with a fall smokey eye! I love the deep magenta and browns in this scarf! We have 5 fun patterns so check in store for this gem!!


Tip 3: (my fav) Bold Berry Lips

Last but definitely not least, is berry lips! I'm so obsessed with berry for the fall season! If you are feeling a little more bold, I feel like a berry lip is the way to go! I would also recommend more dewy finishes over the beloved matte formulas (did she just go there?). Yes I did :) Only because matte lipsticks or stains are super drying and in the fall/winter that is a no-go for me personally!

To pair with your gorgeous new berry lip, I would have to pick my favorite item of all time...our Grungies! This particular one is so stunning. Each Grungie is one of a kind and handmade. This one has that deep berry color running through it, which is why I picked it specifically for the days you want to rock a bolder you! This stand-out piece is perfect for those cozy fall days we are all enjoying right now!

I hope these tips inspired you to step out! Be daring! Be out of the box. Self expression is always so beautiful because there is only one you! YOU, my dear, are BEAUTIFUL.



Let me know if any of these fall pieces find their way to your closet and be sure to share a picture on instagram and tag @shopfirstharvest so we can see your full fall looks!

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