Coffee Shop Catch-Up's

Hey First Harvest babes!

Coffee Shop's, they are the epitome of absolute comfort, coziness, and unexpected conversation. The rich coffee bean scent wisps through the air complimented by subtle hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and hazelnut creating a homey sensation that isn't achieved in many other places. Coffee shops allow you to sip on your favorite drink while catching up with your favorite people all in one, what's not to like? Coffee shop's have definitely become my go to whether I am studying, meeting up with a friend, or going on a casual date I find myself in the comfort of a coffee shop one way or another. Today I am going to be showing you three perfect coffee shop outfits that match any reason for being at one.

The first, is for that spontaneous Coffee Shop get together with an old friend you haven't seen since three summers back. You know you will have so much to catch up on, therefore, you will definitely be there for a while and want to be comfortable, but you also haven't seen this person in quite some time and well you want to look cute and trendy as well! That is why this hunter green "cold-shoulder long sleeve, paired with our new light grey fringe throw makes for the perfect "reuniting" outfit. Throw on a pair of your comfiest jeans and some fun booties to tie the put-together, yet comfy look all-together. Your friend will be sure to be impressed with not only your incredible stories you have from the past couple of years, but your crazy amazing fashion choices as well. 

The next outfit is suited for your productive coffee shop visit when you have piles of homework that needs to be done by the next day. With this being said, being in the comfort of your favorite coffee shop along with your go-to latte and maybe, if you're feeling lucky, a blueberry muffin or chocolate scone is exactly the motivation you need in order to knock it all out in one night. Of course, comfort is the number one factor in this case and being the fashion experts that we are, achieving the highest level of comfort along with looking adorable while doing it is most definitely possible. Grab your comfiest pair of jeans and throw on this gorgeous navy blue and white striped nautical patterned top that is flowy and comfy like a t'shirt yet as cute as a blouse. Throw on our new white "t-shirt" material cardigan for when it gets chilly and finish it off with a pair of booties, or to dress it down a little more, a pair of white sneakers of your choice. With this outfit you could sit at the coffee shop comfortably for hours giving you the perfect amount of time to complete all of those lingering homework assignments. 

Last but not least is my personal favorite, the date outfit. This is perfect for a first or second date where you want to dress up a little more than usual while still again, our number one concern, being comfortable. A sweater dress or a simple long sleeve shit dress is exactly what you need for this kind of occasion and this one holds a fun 70's vibe to it that we are absolutely in love with. The neutral grey and white stripes balance out the mustard yellow that stands out in this simple dress. The material is thick and warm making it perfect for those brisk winter days and the "gossip girl" meets "breakfast at tiffany's" vibe is effortlessly elegant making for the perfect look. Pair this with booties and even high knee boots for the ultimate coffee shop date attire. Look stunning while also being comfortable enough to completely be yourself is exactly what this outfit is going to provide you with, and what better way to feel while on a date, am I right?

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