Cheer Up Buttercup: A Guide for Self-Care

Hi First Harvest babes!

Hope y’all are having an inspiring week. For this week's blog post I knew I wanted to write something about self-care, and so I browsed the depths of Pinterest and stumbled across this post about treating yourself with the small things. I feel like so many times we put a lot of time and effort into treating others well, that we forget about ourselves. This list is perfect because it doesn't involve complicated tasks but involves small easy things that are sure to make you feel better and happier.

  1. Go outside
  2. Read The Bible
  3. Burn your favorite candle
  4. Watch your favorite movie
  5. Draw
  6. Take a hot bath
  7. Unplug *turn all socials off*
  8. Find inspiration (tip: PINTEREST !!)
  9. Slow down
  10. Treat yourself to coffee
  11. Dress up for no reason
  12. Hug your favorite person
  13. Journal
  14. Cuddle your furry pal
  15. Call your mom
  16. Make a playlist
  17. Take a nap
  18. Declutter / Organize
  19. Look through old photos
  20. Buy flowers
  21. Get your nails done
  22. Learn to say “no”
  23. Go shopping *treat yourself girlfriend* 

These are just small things that involve little time or effort but are promised to make you feel happier about yourself and life. You are amazing and don’t you forget it!!

p.s. we have created a Pinterest board that corresponds with this blog post and there may be a special discount code for our Pinterest girls who follow ;-)


- FIRST HARVEST #lookgoodgiving

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