A Weekend In the City

     Big cities are wonderful, busy, crowded, and simply beautiful places that we grow to appreciate as time goes on. For a while, especially as a kid, when my parents would drag me to the city I would always complain until eventually, I looked at the city with a completely different eye. Living around the world and seeing a variety of different cities I got a pretty good taste of what cities were like until one city, in particular, changed my perspective entirely.

      Moving to Illinois I was now living in a state home to one of the most famous cities in the world, Chicago. 

      Chicago is unlike any city I've ever been in, constantly moving, with endless things to explore. Simply walking the streets of the city is a gift because everyone is lined with skyscrapers, statues, and modern art that will take your breath away making it near to impossible to focus on just one thing. With this being said, this winter break, Claire and I, took a trip to the glorious city and decided to, due to the extreme weather conditions (aka step outside to undertake instant frostbite), we decided to go just for a late brunch rather than walking around. Now, if there's one thing Chicago definitely doesn't lack it is the number of restaurants, café's, diners, you name it and Chicago has got it, so picking ONE place to eat was a tricky task but boy did we choose the right one.

       We decided to go with the 3 Arts Club Cafe which rests on the first floor of Restoration Hardware on North Dearborn Street near the lake. When I say I have never fallen in love with everything about a place so fast I mean it. As we walk in we are greeted by gorges architecture with dazzling chandeliers and plush couches that lay in the waiting area of the restaurant. As you walk into the restaurant itself there is a stunning chandelier in the middle of the café, artsy lights, small trees, and a variety of different seating arrangements. 

It was unlike anything I had ever seen, and don't get me started on the food. We decided to go with a simple egg dish and a smoked salmon platter that blew away any other breakfast food I had ever had. Long story short, if you ever find yourself in Chicago, after a day of exploring all the magnificent city has to offer, you must check out 3 Arts Club Café, I can assure you that you will have never experienced anything like it before. 

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