A Snowy Night In

Winter is one of my favorite seasons, with winter comes family time, spending time with friends, no school (arguably the best part), snow, Christmas, and so many other wonderful factors make up the winter season. On top of all of these wonderful things I would have to say that a snowy night in, as simple and uneventful as it might sound, they are some of my favorite times that come with winter. 

A snowy night in could seem like a waste of a night, the roads are stacked high with fresh fluffy snow making it too risky to really go anywhere, plus it's so cold outside the thought of sitting in the car while waiting for it to heat up is a reason in and of itself to stay in. So, you're kind of stuck in side which believe it or not results in a multitude of winter activities that could take place and here are a few of my favorite ways to spend a snow night in... 

1. Have a movie night with a bunch of friends or family, invite some people over or kick back with the family and enjoy a movie marathon of all your favorite movies. Throw on your comfiest PJ's and of course some fuzzy socks while sipping on hot cocoa to make for the perfect relaxed way to spend such a brisk night.

2. Do some crafts, bake cookies, or both. Doing fun crafts like painting a canvas for your room or as a gift for someone, sprucing up a new clothing item with some DIYs, or making a scrapbook, whatever the craft may be do something that will be useful to you and that you know you will enjoy making. After all that crafting you will be sure to be hungry and there really isn't anything better than a warm cookie fresh from the oven, so finish off the night with a little baking and there you have a crafty and delicious way to spend your snowy night indoors. 

3. This might be my favorite and it most definitely is the most relaxing, run yourself a bath, put some bubble bath, bath bombs, bath salts go all out with the fun bath stuff. The light some candles and grab your favorite book or put on your go-to Netflix series and just enjoy the free time. Life is so go, go, go all of the time nowadays so finding moments like those where you can truly take a deep breath and just relax are rare but when you do find them enjoy ever last second of it. You will most definitely feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards, and to close out the night make some decaf tea and throw on an overnight mask to really treat yourself because we all deserve it every once in a while. 

I hope this helps out the next time you get snowed in or you just feel like you need a break from the super amazing yet crazy lives we all have. Let us know if you try out any of these in the comments below and also let us know what your "snowy nights in" consist of we'd love to hear more ideas!


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