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Hello Loves!

This week's blog is for my college students out there, or soon to be college students! Leaving home is one of the strangest, most exciting, and nerve-wracking times of every teenager/young adults life. Moving to a place you aren't familiar with along with an entirely new group of people is intimidating so finding ways to make your new temporary feel as comfortable as possible is to spend a little extra time decorating your room how you please! Coming into my freshman year the idea of living in a dorm with a ton of people my age sounded interesting, to say the least, and living in a tiny little room with not much space also didn't resonate too well with me at first. Fast forward to the end of my freshman year and I can tell you it is one of the most amazing and fun experiences I have ever had! Meeting people you never imagined meeting and, my favorite part, personalizing your room all you want decking it out with fun posters, lights, whatever showcases your personality. 

Today I am going to be showing you 3 simple hacks to make your form room feel like your home away from home... 

1. Deck out your desk with a variety of your favorite things!

Here is a list of some of the things that I have to decorate the top of my desk: my favorite book, flowers (I use fake ones because you think I can keep those alive in college?), a Little container for my jewelry, signs with inspirational quotes, a big 'R' that, of course, stands for Rachel, A little push board that has some fun pics on it, and my prized possession the Polaroid camera. It is so easy to personalize this with whatever you please. My favorite thing to add is candles because not only do they look cute but they make your room smell AMAZING as well. First Harvest just got in so many wonderful new scents that are perfect for your quaint little space. 


2.  PHOTOS! and DIY signs! 

This might be one of my favorite parts of my dorm room, in the summer I decided I wanted to hang up as many cool signs and whatnot in order to cover up the super boring white walls of the dorm room, but they can get really expensive so I decided to DIY them instead! I bought some woof from Michael's craft store along with a bunch of different paint colors, some stencils, and some gorgeous fake flowers. With all of the supplies, I was able to create some stunning signs perfect for my room! Making your own is the best way to go because you can make them look however you want them to look and it's cheaper! In between my two signs I hung polaroid light clips that not only showcase my favorite pics but also light up my room adding a homey feel! 

3. Last but not least, add a COFFE STATION! 

if you are a coffee addict like me creating a designated space all that your coffee making routine entails increases the comfort of your dorm like no other! For my coffee area, I have my Keurig, A stacked organizer for my K-Cups, and of course my mugs (I have a mug addiction and the First Harvest ones are unbelievably cute). My favorite part of my coffee station is definitely the cookie jar that sits next to my Keurig, as well as, the amazing San Francisco Tapestry that lies against the wall behind it. Tapestries are one of the easiest ways to dress up a wall, they come in all different patterns, colors, etc and look amazing in a dorm room!


4. Have a ton of Comfy Blankets!! 

First Harvest's Chenille Blankets are by far the comfiest things you will ever feel and increases the coziness of ANY room, let alone a dorm room, instantly! They are cute and so cozy making for the perfect throw for the end of your bed and blanket to cuddle up with at night!

With these simple tips and tricks your dorm room will quickly become one of your favorite places to relax and hang out. Have fun with it, be creative and let your personality shine through! 

Until next time,

Rachel xoxo 


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