A Fall Adventure

Hey First Harvest Babes!

Being in the midst of the most beautiful time of year we decided, what better way to celebrate the launch of the original First Harvest Line then with a spontaneous weekend getaway? The First Harvest Boutique team, a long with a few special guests, took a trip out to Brown County to explore the outdoors and all the wonders that fall has to offer. We started the day off right by having a road trip jam session all the way there and once we arrived the fall festivities began. ATVs were the first thing on the list so we strapped in for quite the journey taking off through the forest along winding dirt roads reaching our final destination for the rest of the evening. We all had an idea of what the area might look like, but once we came up over the hill our jaws dropped instantly. The lake was still, with not even a ripple to disturb it's peace, the vibrantly colored trees lined the perimeter of the lake reflecting off the water as if it was a mirror. It was an autumnal heaven and we couldn't wait to explore it, so that's exactly what we did. There was a set of kayaks and canoes on the edge of the shore near the dock, so as expected, we all grabbed the boats and made our way down the lake. To our surprise, nobody tipped the boat or fell in so we felt like professionals to say the least. To close out the most fall-of-all days we set up a bonfire (yeah we can totally build a bonfire) to roast hot dogs and s'mores next to the lake. As it grew darker the First Harvest Boutique "Grungies" became a necessity for the chilly fall night, and Sam whipped out the guitar as we all sang along to the catchiest of campfire songs. What better way to end the day am I right?

This wraps up the most festive of weekends with the most amazing of people, and not only did we have a blast, but we looked trendy while doing it! Perhaps the most exciting part of the weekend is the fact that we are able to visually relive it whenever we want! How you ask? The artistic eye behind all of the photos, Sam Phen, decided to capture all of our amazing adventures on video allowing not only us but everyone else to get glimpse of the new First Harvest Line and discover some new activities to do this fall. We can not wait for you all to see it! With this being said, the First Harvest Team encourages ALL of you to spend a day with your favorite people and explore someplace new, whether it be a cozy coffee shop or a pumpkin patch it's all up to you! As the Disney movie, UP, states, "Adventure is out there!" It's simply up to you to go and find it! 

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