5 Easy Ways to Make Money This Summer!

Ahhhh summer break is finally upon us and I will be the first to say how relaxed I feel. The sun is shining and flowers have bloomed creating a carpet of color everywhere you look. The time for late nights out with friends, bon-fires on the beach, random road trips, shopping sprees, picnic dates, and simply soaking up the sun, has arrived but there is one thing that seems to be a roadblock for a lot of us when it comes to being able to do these things. Money. You heard me, unfortunately, not everything in life is free and in order to do all of the activities you want to do this summer you're going to need a little bit of money to turn these amazing summer bucket list ideas into a reality! Now here is where the obvious question comes in, how do we make the money? Well, no need to look any further I am here to give you 5 ways to make money this summer while also enjoying the relaxation of summer!

#1: The obvious, and my personal favorite, Babysit!!

Babysitting is the world's best job for our kid lovers out there because not only are kids just adorable but depending on how many kids you are watching and how long you babysit you get to set your own standard of how much you believe your babysitting skills are worth. Not only is it easy money, but you don't have to worry about dressing up in work clothes at all! In fact, it is really important to dress really comfy so that you can have fun and play with the kids. Any of the First Harvest long sleeves, t-shits, or tank tops paired with a pair of patterned shorts or simple denim cut-offs would create the most darling babysitter outfit ever! 

#2: Sell Your Old Clothes!!

This one is for our shopaholics who have an endless supply of all the trends that have come and gone throughout the years, because if you are a true shopaholic, like myself, you never miss a new trend! To make sure you have enough for this summer's favorites, go through all of your clothes and pick out the pieces that either don't fit or you just simply don't like anymore and sell them! There are a variety of different ways to sell your clothes, from apps on your phone to thrift stores, or even having a garage sale; whatever it may be, selling your clothes allows for not only some extra cash but also a ton of extra room in your closet for the new trends! I dot know about you but wouldn't want to miss out on the adorable summer new arrivals that we have here at First Harvest!

#3 Sell Some Homemade Stuff!

For my artistic or cooking connoisseurs out there, implement some extra time into creating canvas paintings, homemade cookies, homemade jam, jewelry, whatever you think you are really good at, and sell it! Everybody is a sucker for homemade stuff and what better way to make money then to do ti by doing something you love to do! Friends and family are sure to jump all over this idea and want to purchase any of your home made goodies! Of course once they all purchase it they will tell their friends, and eventually a ton of people will know and fall in love with whatever homemade craft or treat you decide to make! 

#4 Start a Dog Walking Business

Calling all pet lovers for this next job idea! If you are a dog lover like myself, put out flyers and a post on social media to advertise your new dog walking business that lays out your payment, as well as, availability! You will be sure to get some awesome responses and asking around the neighborhood is always a good place to start as well. This is a fun and easy way to get outside, play with adorable dogs and make money while doing so! Of course sporting our best selling "I Just Wanna Hang With My Dog" shirt is a must-have if you decided to pursue this money making idea! 

Making money can be tricky, but the key is to find a way to do something you love while making a couple extra bucks along with it! It's easier to find then you would think! 

Until next time, Rachel xoxo 

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